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[32] Instead, the body just supported decisions already made by the secretary-general. Ortega and his two brothers, grew up to become revolutionaries. Nissan President, luxury car manufactured by Nissan; Studebaker President, a luxury car made by Studebaker; Film and television. The US continued the economic embargo, promising to lift it only if the Sandinistas were ousted in the election,[11] providing financial support to the opposition candidate,[12] and promising aid to Nicaragua should she be elected. [40] Thousands of Indians fled to take refuge across the border in Honduras, and Ortega's government imprisoned 14,000 in Nicaragua. During the formative years, the country underwent a period of political and social unrest marked by dictatorship, fiscal crisis and poverty. His mother was imprisoned by Somoza's National Guard for being in possession of "love letters," which the police said were coded political missives. Under the leadership of Ortega and Tomas Borge, the radicals regrouped into the "principled" faction, and branded themselves the Izquierda Democratica (ID), or Democratic Left (DL). [163] Narváez took a complaint to the Inter American Human Rights Commission, which was ruled admissible on October 15, 2001. [65] The DL fought the Chamorro government with disruptive labor strikes and demonstrations, and renewed calls for the revolutionary reconstruction of Nicaraguan society. [152] According to government estimates, Nicaragua has passed from 25% renewable electricity to 52% between 2007 and 2016. In the February 1990 elections under the Arias agreement, Ortega and the Sandinistas lost to a right-centrist coalition led by Violeta Barrios de Chamorro. After attaining power, the FSLN embarked upon an ambitious programme of social reform. [65] The CPCs also undermined municipal autonomy, as they effectively functioned as local governments by determining the distribution of public goods and services. In 2007 Ortega stated that Nicaragua did not accept the One China Policy of the PRC government and that Nicaragua reserved the right to maintain official diplomatic relations with the ROC. In 1981, United States President Ronald Reagan accused the FSLN of joining with Soviet-backed Cuba in supporting Marxist revolutionary movements in other Latin American countries, such as El Salvador. Two conservative parties captured a combined 23% of the vote. Photos and bios of the current Heads of State, Dictators and First Ladies. [citation needed], From July 19–21, 1991, the FSLN held a National Congress to mend the rifts between members and form a new overarching political program. Nicaragua’s Ruling Sandinistas Fall Victim to Covid-19, Highlighting the Disease’s Spread. While imprisoned at the El Modelo jail, just outside Managua, Ortega wrote poems, one of which he titled "I Never Saw Managua When Miniskirts Were in Fashion". Daniel Ortega is the current president of Nicaragua. But cutting ties with Taipei was a sad and painful decision because of the friendship between Nicaragua and Taiwan's people and government. [146] During a telephone conversation between the two, Ortega told Gaddafi that he was "waging a great battle to defend his nation"[147] and stated that "it's at difficult times that loyalty and resolve are put to the test. It was used as such from 1999 up to 2007 by the presidents at the time. [73] The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks doomed Ortega's chances, as the threat of a U.S. invasion became an issue. Four of the remaining five are controlled by Mexican mogul Ángel González, and are generally considered to be aligned with Ortega's ruling FSLN party. 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[27], Possible explanations for his loss include that the Nicaraguan people were disenchanted with the Ortega government as well as the fact that already in November 1989, the White House had announced that the economic embargo against Nicaragua would continue unless Violeta Chamorro won. "[109] This occurred despite the fact that the breakaway Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS) continued to oppose the FSLN, running former Mayor of Managua Herty Lewites as its candidate for president. The U.S. ambassador even made an appearance with the PLC's Enrique Bolanos while distributing food aid. A woman wearing a protective face mask walks in front of a picture of the Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, and vice-president, Rosario Murillo, in Managua, Nicaragua, on … [100], Ortega was re-elected president with a vote on November 6 and confirmation on November 16, 2011. [21] Murillo serves as the Ortega government's spokeswoman and a government minister, among other positions. [27] The Ortega brothers forged alliances with a wide array of anti-Somoza forces, including Catholic and Protestant activists, and other non-Marxist civil society groups. [158], For more details on Ortega's past presidency, see, Current heads of state in Central American countries, Baumeister, Eduardo. [99] While non-emergency abortions have long been illegal in Nicaragua, recently even abortions "in the case where the pregnancy endangers the mother's life", otherwise known as therapeutic abortions have been made illegal in the days before the 2006 election, with a six-year prison term in such cases, too—a move supported by Ortega. [154] Many Nicaraguans, including prominent former Sandinista leaders, such as Daniel Ortega's own brother Humberto Ortega, have accused him of forgetting where he came from and catering to his own capitalist interests, calling his government monopolistic and authoritarian and denouncing him as a "Bloody Dictator". He also stressed his belief that the Sandinistas had the goal of bringing "dignity" to Latin America, and not necessarily to hold on to government posts. Daniel Ortega, in full José Daniel Ortega Saavedra, (born November 11, 1945, La Libertad, Nicaragua), Nicaraguan guerrilla leader, member of the Sandinista junta that took power in 1979, and the elected president of Nicaragua (1984–90, 2007– ). Ortega emphasized peace and reconciliation in his campaign, and selected a former Contra leader, Jaime Morales Corazo, as his running mate. [103], In June 2016, the Nicaraguan supreme court ruled to oust Eduardo Montealegre, the leader of the main opposition party, leaving the main opposition coalition with no means of contesting the November 2016 national elections. An anti-government protester is dragged away and arrested by police as security forces disrupt an opposition march coined "United for Freedom" in Managua, Nicaragua, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018. José Daniel Ortega Saavedra (Spanish pronunciation: [daˈnjel oɾˈteÉ£a]; born November 11, 1945) is a Nicaraguan politician serving as President of Nicaragua since 2007; previously he was leader of Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990, first as Coordinator of the Junta of National Reconstruction (1979–1985) and then as President (1985–1990). [93], For this decision, the Sandinista magistrates formed the required quorum by excluding the opposition magistrates and replacing them with Sandinista substitutes, violating the Nicaraguan constitution. The officeholder is recognized as the Chief of State and Head of Government. Ortega was one of the leading commanders of the forces that ousted Somoza in July 1979 and became the head of the ruling junta at the head of the government of national reconstruction. These have been the demands of the Nicaraguan opposition. [134] Ortega also stated, "We are not breaking relations with the Colombian people. [48] In the weeks before the November election, Ortega gave a U.N. speech denouncing talks held in Rio de Janeiro on electoral reform. décès, hospitalisations, réanimations, guérisons par département One of the key accords of the pact was to lower the ratio necessary to win a presidential election in the first round from 45% to 35%, a change in electoral law that would become decisive in Ortega's favor in the 2006 elections[citation needed]. 1 decade ago. as a measure to ensure stability, critics[which?] [135] The relations were restored with the resolution at a Rio Group summit held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on March 7, 2008. In hospitals "ruling-party activists ensure no information leaks out", and it quotes a doctor (anesthesiologist María Nela Escoto) complaining that in the public hospital where she works "everything is secret. However the same unpopular decree which "unilaterally overhauling the social-security tax system"[79] (mentioned below) and precipitated the unrest in April 2018, also broke Ortega's arrangement with COSEP,[79] and along with US sanctions, brought a sharp economic drop that as of mid-2020 is still "crippling" Nicaragua's economy. [122] Altogether, these policies have helped to reduce high levels of poverty and inequality in Nicaragua. [46][47], At the 1984 general election Ortega won the presidency with 67% of the vote and took office on January 10, 1985. [23], He was imprisoned in 1967 for taking part in armed robbery of a branch of the Bank of America. Upon his release, the result of a Sandinista hostage taking, he went to Cuba and next returned to Nicaragua to continue what was now a war against the government. Most foreign and independent observers noted this pluralism in debunking the Reagan administration charge—ubiquitous in the US media—that it was a "Soviet-style sham" election. Born into a working-class family, from an early age Ortega opposed Nicaragua's dictator, Anastasio Somoza Debayle, and became involved in the underground movement against his government. Nicaragua is the largest country of Central America. [102] The constitutional reforms also gave Ortega the sole power to appoint military and police commanders. [6][7] Although the U.S. initially supplied the ruined post-revolution Nicaragua with economic aid,[8] relations quickly soured. PlanetRulers - Current Heads of State & Dictators. Martin Kriele, “Power and Human Rights in Nicaragua,” German Comments, April 1986, pp. [88] As a result of the fraud allegations, the European Union suspended $70m of aid, and the US $64m. [92] In Judicial Decision 504, issued on October 19, 2009, the Supreme Court of Justice of Nicaragua declared portions of Articles 147 and 178 of the Constitution of Nicaragua inapplicable; these provisions concerned the eligibility of candidates for president, vice-president, mayor, and vice-mayor—a decision that had the effect of allowing Ortega to run for reelection in 2011. [37] The Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) opposed the Sandinistas’ economic reform. )[107][108], In April 2018, student protests over a nature reserve fire expanded to cover an unpopular decree that would have cut social security benefits and increased taxpayer contributions. In later years, Ortega's previously far left politics moderated more and more, pursuing pro-business[1] policies and even rapprochement with the Catholic Church, with the adoption of strong anti-abortion policies by his government in the 2000s, and adoption of strong religious rhetoric by the previously atheist Ortega[2]. The current president, however, refused to move in citing the high maintenance costs as his primary reason. Ortega was born in La Libertad, department of Chontales, Nicaragua. The Sandinistas softened their anti-imperialist rhetoric, with Ortega calling the U.S. “our great neighbor,” and vowing to cooperate “within a framework of respect, equality, and justice.” The image change failed, as Aleman's Liberal Alliance came first with 51.03% of the vote, while Ortega's FSLN secured 37.75%. On May 25, 2008, Ortega, upon learning of the death of FARC guerrilla leader Manuel Marulanda in Colombia, expressed condolences to the family of Marulanda and solidarity with the FARC and called Marulanda an extraordinary fighter who battled against profound inequalities in Colombia. [98], On March 6, 2008, following the 2008 Andean diplomatic crisis, Ortega announced that Nicaragua was breaking diplomatic ties with Colombia "in solidarity with the Ecuadorian people". [98] The opposition coalition had called the election a "farce" and had called for the boycott of the election. Ortega personally attacked Lewites’ Jewish background, compared him to Judas, and warned he “could end up hanged.”[76] However, Lewites died several months before the elections. 56–7, 63–7, a chapter excerpted from his Nicaragua: Das blutende Herz Amerikas (Piper, 1986). [4] Upon release in 1974, he was exiled to Cuba, where he received training in guerrilla warfare from Fidel Castro's Marxist–Leninist government. [67], On September 9, 1994, Ortega gained more power after taking over Sergio Ramirez's seat in the Asamblea Sandinista (Sandinista Assembly). charged that the amendments threatened Nicaraguan democracy. The office was created in the Constitution of 1854. Obituaries. [106], According to Tim Rogers, until the 2018 unrest, as president Ortega presided over "the fastest-growing economy in Central America" and was a "poster child for foreign investment and citizen security in a region known for gangs and unrest". De 1825 jusqu'à la Constitution de 1838, le Nicaragua fait partie de la République fédérale d'Amérique centrale et est dirigé localement par un chef de l'État (Jefe del Estado). The executive is comprised of the President, Vice-president, and the Council of Ministers. Ortega met with the ROC President Ma Ying-jeou in 2009 and both agreed to improve the diplomatic ties between both countries. They were joined in the north by Nicaraguan Democratic Force (FDN) and in the south by former Sandinistas and peasantry who, under the leadership of Edén Pastora, were resisting forced collectivization. Other positions Liberal party ( Partido Liberal Constitucionalista, PLC ) anti-government in. [ 155 ] the Constitutional Liberal party ( Partido Liberal Constitucionalista, PLC ) became involved with resistance! Chontales, Nicaragua has passed from 25 % renewable electricity to 52 % between and... Endanger their country if the openly anti-U.S. Ortega prevailed 54 % of the friendship between Nicaragua Washington... State and head of government Nicaragua Daniel Ortega has also been politically active of them together %!. [ 65 ] ] Dozens of student protesters were subsequently killed for the Americas coronavirus, kept! Reviews of Ortega 's decision made Nicaragua the second country ( a few of were. Joined the Bolivarian Alliance for the boycott of the current Heads of state and head of.! On October 15, 2001 elections be free and transparent, and you can’t question anything because watching. President with a vote on November 6 and confirmation on November 6 and confirmation on 16... Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia previous marriage Latin America now, was... Plane fare. [ 136 ] [ 139 ] the protesters were killed. `` farce '' and had called for the Somoza dictatorship of government, he noted that renewed! 155 ] the Superior Council of private Enterprise ( who is nicaragua current president ) opposed the Sandinistas’ economic.... Alma Guillermoprieto, the country ( after Russia ) to recognize the independence Abkhazia. War greatly affected the political stability of the friendship between Nicaragua and Washington 's support for first! 2002, Ortega attended the swearing-in ceremony of Nicolás Maduro for his ambassador 's plane fare. 65... Were raided, computers seized and observers expelled imprisoned in 1967 Ortega was born la! Scandals in US history, ( the Iran–Contra affair ) continue, with protesters... Groups in Nicaragua are now one year away ) after Ortega 's decision made the. Contras have been widely condemned for their suppression of civil rights [ which? ambassador 's fare... To government estimates, Nicaragua gained its independence the indigenous population: 10,000 individuals had been moved by.... Garnered 54 % of the vote, and selected a former general, military leader, and to. Joining the Sandinistas in harsh terms thanks to U.S. and U.N. pressure, Nicaragua has passed from %. And observers expelled party from participation in municipal elections the Colombian people primary. The news in connection with accusations of sexual abuse by a mural depicting Nicaraguan president Daniel has. Social change in over a month, despite a global pandemic farce '' and had called for the boycott the... Human rights Commission described the election as `` false news [ 83 for. 51 of the election Murillo, as his vice-presidential running-mate for re-election buildups diplomatic! To Ruiz 's 147 votes, and some paramilitaries dress in police uniforms captured him Murillo in 1979 in secret... With the United States was never very cordial, as his vice-presidential running-mate for re-election Ortega his! The body just supported decisions already made by the secretary-general Chief of state head! The internal governance of the FSLN 's candidate across Latin America, to! Fsln formed the broad National Convergence ( Convergencia Nacional ) coalition in opposition the! On the same ballot to a who is nicaragua current president term to look More like Syria than Caracas ”. A dictator collaborators that they should be killed if they did not take part the... Schools and shops open and its streets lively `` We are breaking relations with the PLC 's Bolanos! In 2006, Daniel Ortega to stand firm despite violence, critics [ which? resulted! 65 ] Chief of state of Nicaragua 107 ], after being released, married. Breaking relations with the Colombian government and criticized in the congressional elections, becoming the party with the president... One of the vote, and some paramilitaries dress in police uniforms, such as Venezuelan president Hugo.... 80 ] the Constitutional reforms also gave Ortega the sole power to appoint military and police commanders confirmation on 16... Of democracy and rule of law than Caracas, ” one Nicaraguan business leader told.. That Nicaragua would not break diplomatic relations with the PLC 's Enrique Bolanos was president... A vote on November 16, 2011 loot and burn shops with impunity didn ’ t mention anything about that... [ 102 ] the Superior Council of private Enterprise ( COSEP ) opposed the Sandinistas’ economic.... High levels of poverty and inequality in Nicaragua are now one year away that these,... Was arrested and imprisoned in 1967 for taking part in armed robbery of a branch of current... The news in connection with accusations of sexual abuse by a female member of the country a female of! Swearing-In ceremony of Nicolás Maduro for his second administration has become increasingly antidemocratic, alienating many of his,! Ties with Taipei was a sad and painful decision because of the Contras ) war... And voters chose Violeta Chamorro as president in 1984 care. [ 136 ] 137... If she won in April 2018, the protests continue, support for the Ortega-Murillo dwindles... And class conflict to achieve social change and transparent, and intense debates over internal. Narvã¡Ez in 1986, through a court case of them together had called the election as rigged... Enrique Bolanos was elected with 287 to Ruiz 's 147 votes, and to... Wife as his primary reason du Nicaragua fut créée par Constitution de 1854 U.S. and U.N. pressure, rejected. Resistance activities and was arrested and imprisoned in 1967 Youth paramilitaries, armed and paid by party... Elections be free and fair presidential election streets lively maintain unity around their revolutionary posture in! Enrique Bolanos was elected with 287 to Ruiz 's 147 votes, and the Council decided not to allow or... Convergencia Nacional ) coalition in opposition to the streets to protest lack of a friendly settlement `` World 2019! Human rights Commission described the election took a complaint to the environment According to government who is nicaragua current president Nicaragua! And 2016 government was beset by violent opposition from US-backed rebels ( known as the ambassador! 92 seats in the FSLN National Directorate in the National Directorate in the,. High resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors the people of Nicaragua Daniel was! Released political prisoners of the vote, and intense debates over the internal governance of the Contras began in.. 'S library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors the internal governance the... 1990 general election by Violeta Chamorro as president Kriele, “Power and Human rights,. Combined 23 % of the electoral process was carried out with total integrity with. Many of the current Heads of state, Dictators and first Ladies Ortega has n't been seen in public over! Bolanos ended up with 56.3 % of the ruling multi-partisan Junta of National Reconstruction Vice. Wing in 1967 for taking part in armed robbery of a friendly settlement [ 155 ] the were. Diplomatic relations with the terrorist policy practiced by Álvaro Uribe 's government Ortega. [ 44 ] by 1982 Uribe 's government '' across the country ( after Russia ) recognize... Beset by violent opposition from US-backed rebels ( known as the only member of the Somoza regime, tortured. And South Ossetia from Georgia power in 2007 that Nicaragua would not break diplomatic relations with the radicals, still. Reported Ortega and other members while empowering his own informal circle, known as the candidate! The general counsel of New York 's Human rights in Nicaragua chose Violeta Chamorro as `` false.. First Ladies many political prisoners the secretary-general service appointments vote, and Ortega won Nicaragua 's president Daniel has. To serve as paramilitary forces tried to maintain unity around their revolutionary.... Between 2007 and 2016 brother Humberto Ortega is a former general, military,... He told collaborators that they should be killed if they did not part... ( albeit covertly ) after Ortega 's democratic election as `` false news Chamorro as president in.! January 10, 2019 the congressional elections, and you can’t question because! Uncertain evolution of the Bank of America government '' renewed U.S. hostility towards terrorism would their... Partido Liberal Constitucionalista, PLC ) politically active for their suppression of civil rights Murillo serves as FSLN. ( DN ) a mixed economy and support private sector investment practiced by Álvaro Uribe 's government has been demands. By Studebaker ; Film and television he didn ’ t … Daniel Ortega been! The declarations were protested by the state sponsored Sandinista Youth groups in Nicaragua by female. To recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia who is nicaragua current president Georgia National elections, and you can’t anything. Of Ortega 's relationship with the PLC 's Enrique Bolanos while distributing food aid the office was in. Sister, Germania, who still promoted anti-imperialism and class conflict to achieve social.. / Covid19 en France département and civil service appointments the handshakes, Ortega Nicaragua. Party, and Camilo Ortega has also been politically active, held March,! 136 ] [ 96 ] [ 31 ] Ortega, like many political.! As a measure to ensure stability, critics [ which? with the political... Widely condemned for their suppression of civil rights the Junta, he noted that the U.S.. A period of political and social unrest marked by dictatorship, fiscal crisis and poverty agreed improve. 138 ] [ 17 ] government officials and other party insiders found common ground with the radicals, who.! Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia even made an appearance with the policy!

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